most children hate going to sleep, but adults and teens can't get enough of it, amirite?

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To children, it feels like a punishment. To adults, it's a reward.

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I hate going to bed, but I can never get enough sleep. I guess this explain why I wake up in the afternoon.

Please let me sleep

I see you have yet to experience the crippling effects of burnout, where you value your free time more than sleep, because the moment you lay your head down on your pillow, your free time ends and the hell that is your work begins again. Honestly, it means you've got a solid work/life balance, so keep it up!

Also, the whole recurring "death by being buried alive in concrete" nightmare doesn't help. Sleep has become the enemy

Children are just more energetic

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That's because children enjoy their lives, so they want to be awake and do things. Most adults are depressed by the realities of life and need an escape. Sleep is like temporary death and an escape from life.

Sleep is an escape from life, and not only is it an escape but it's an entrance to a world fueled by the power of will and intention. For as little as things make sense in the world of dreams, if you wish something hard enough it will become true. And that's a major improvement from the alternative.

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Cuz those adults skip all of the sleeps while they were kids.

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As a kid the world is a much more interesting place, and you feel like people are forcing you to bed to keep you from it. When you get older you might honestly have more fun asleep.

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Kids have more nightmares. We get less the older we get unless you have a condition.

my wife LOVES going to bed. She gets that whole 9 hours. Idk what it is, but I avoid going to bed for as long as possible. I'll usually get about 7 hours of sleep. If I didn't have to sleep, I wouldn't. If I didn't have to eat, I wouldn't.

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