Lungs don't get tired or fatigued from breathing all day, amirite?

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That is because they are passive. The chest muscles do all the work.

Unless you got COPD lol

Your lungs aren't a muscle. They are just bags, your diaphragm does the work.

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Smoking is lung exercise

@Tldfonat Smoking is lung exercise

It also has the added benefit of making you look cool

@Tldfonat Smoking is lung exercise

Smoking a cig is basically cardio

They might when your older. Maybe one day your lungs will just go, "Sheesh! Tough day! I feel like taking a nap".

And that'll be the time they say "Grandpa didn't wake up today".

Remember lungs are just bags, it's the bronchioles that are helping you breathe, and things like emphysema can greatly diminish your capacity for breathing

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Go for a run.

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Mine do

Technically your lungs don't do anything. Your chest muscles do.

I believe they could get tired of you holding your breath for even longer than they want you to. I tried and tested it on myself. No, I never passed out, couldn't bring myself to that point. But yes, fighting the merge to breathe is entirely possible. There are actually 6 different breath-hold stages. You start fighting the merge to breathe at stage 3 and stage 6 is the blackout stage. Many people don't even reach stage 3 because they think that they can't hold it in or go without breathing any longer when that may not be true. They just feel the merge to breathe and then would normally end up breathing the moment they reach stage 3 or right before they do. True facts that you can look up if you don't believe me. I also believe that it's easier to fight the merge to breathe at the beginning of stage 3 the older you are. I have tested it on myself for years. Young children will most likely be unable to, but those same children could find it easy enough at maybe the age of 12 to do it through maybe 10 contractions.

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