If you walked in a straight line along the equator following the dawn at the same speed as the Earth rotates, the day would never end, but the date would change every 24 hours. amirite?

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Go far north like Alaska and there the sun just spins around the horizon and theres daylight for months at a time

Is "walked" really the word you want to use here?

@Shiny244 Is "walked" really the word you want to use here?

Walked up to the cockpit of a fighter jet and climbed in, perhaps

Or you could just stand on the center of the North Pole (if it's the right time of year)

It would probably be more like a run. Like, a really fast run.

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In unrealistic event, then realistically…

You would also have to walk around 900mph

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You could do this on any latitudinal line

Where are the Flat Earth-ers to debunk this?

@sharmaji1301 Where are the Flat Earth-ers to debunk this?

Not sure. They have active participants all around the globe, after all!

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If I crawl at the speed of light then the day will never end. What is your point?

Why would you do it at the equator specifically? Anywhere in the world walking at the sun's pace will yield the same result

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You'd need a very fast plane to be able to keep up with the Earth's rotation. We're talking 1000+MPH

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Wrong! You would drown.

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A straight line takes you off the planet

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You would need a Jet Fighter moving faster than the Speed of Sound to move that fast.

Sunlight moves across the surface of the earth at about 1000 mph

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Most planes can't even keep up with that speed.

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@teknogreek Most planes can't even keep up with that speed.

I was recently on a flight from Germany to Chicago, and we took off about 30 minutes before sunset. The sun didn't get below the horizon until we hit Sault Ste Marie in Ontario, 45 minutes before landing, after 9 hours in the air. The sunset moved from the left side of the plane to be right in that time.

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Just sit still at the pole

1670 km/hr ….

This is incorrect, everyone knows the earth is shaped like a donut so going around the equator would just take you through the donut hole, smh my head

Let me just walk 1000mph

@SnooStories Let me just walk 1000mph

Just to be the man who walked 1000mph to fall down at your door

@mihneacuzino2 Jesus!

So when I was a kid my dad told me this story that he was out surfing one day I was about 2 at the time. He was close to a jetty so he was just chillin and laying down on the board, he was knocked off his board by the jetty and was treading water and looked down to see a great white swimming right underneath him. He said, "I made like Jesus and walked on water."

So for the longest time I believed that my dad could walk on water, I had no idea who this Jesus fella was he was referring to, so I would recount the story to my friends and of course none of them believed me.

I had the opportunity one day for him to confirm to a friend that he could in fact walk on water and asked him to confirm. My dad was confused why I would make such a claim and I recounted his story to him and he just started laughing and laughing. He had to explain to me that it was just a figure of speech.

@SnooStories Let me just walk 1000mph

Bonneville salt flats all the way around.

why are ppl getting scientific 😩 its hypothetical come awnnn!!!

The Chinese will build a road here

Provided you didn't drown on that hyper speed walk across the long stretches of ocean.

Did you know if you walk a straight line around the earth, you'll drown…..

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Backwards walking?

Yeeeeaah..... That's how the rotation of the Earth works.

This is too much for my brain

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