In a world where we are so technologically advanced that we have created airplanes and computers, why are we still unable to properly predict the weather? amirite?

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cus nature doesnt give a fuck lol

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Because so many factors go into predicting the weather and there are still some that we don't know

Technology is fairly constant, we know if you do specific things what the outcome will be. The weather can and will change without necessarily having any warning, you can't predict something unpredictable. You can, however, follow a set procedure designed to have specific results, which is why technology is more advanced than weather forecasting.

Human beings are very poor at predicting the future.

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cause nature is bipolar

You have a point, but to be fair airplanes and computers are flawed too and weather forecasting is usually pretty close.

i like how you say "technilogically advanced" yet you just say airplanes and computers..you couldve said like..artificial eyes and bionic limbs and whatever

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