To have children is somehow selfish. amirite?

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Ya know what the world needs more of ? ME !! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME

It really is. You can't get consent to bring those kids into the world so by definition it is selfish.

Exactly. Wiping butts that don't belong to you. That is true selfishness. /s

What? How

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@SnooStories What? How

In the same way as getting anything else that you want to have, I suppose.

@SnooStories What? How

have you seen the state of the world today?

@Thatoneduderyan have you seen the state of the world today?

So the human race should cease to exist?

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@Axellllfoley So the human race should cease to exist?

It would definitely be better for the planet. I'm not saying we all kill ourselves. But yea, it's very selfish to think you and future generations deserve to exist at the detriment to every other living thing on earth. Being selfish / self-preservation is part of humanity. It doesn't mean you're a terrible person, it's a part of being a human - we all selfish in many ways in our daily lives.

@SnooStories What? How

Majority of us hate it here

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@88080808088 Where is that consensus?

Have you checked your mom's vag?

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