Don't yall feel so lucky of being born a human? like you could have been born a bacteria, amirite?

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That's not how that works, the egg that became me was developed well before I was conceived, if I was going to be born, it was only ever going to be as a human.

How do you know that wouldn't have been better?

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No, I do not. I bet sea cucumbers don't feel existential dread.

I would've sold my soul to be a bacteria instead of a human.

If you weren't born you you wouldn't be born at all.

A bacterium

I wish I could be bacteria

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@Trashy21 😂 I'm laughing

This chance was stolen from me!! I might have been really good....

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I'd rather be a well-loved house cat.

bacteria don't have to pay taxes and don't have to write essays in MLA and APA format

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