Nunchucks are one of the few very effective weapons you can carry around without seeming threatening, amirite?

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Nunchucks suck. They have little stick energy.

A pencil seems pretty inaccoulous... but it can kill you with a quick jab.

Or if you want a more effective and even less threatening weapon you can carry a... walking stick!

(Or even go all out and make it a sword cane for bonus points)

I can have a gun holstered at my side and not be threatenings.

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They are however illegal to carry in some places

@contextrip Really?? Where?

Well I live in missouri and it's technically illegal here. Though I did have a cop tell me that they don't really react the same over finding them on somebody as they do a knife or gun, for obvious reasons.

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@bibbitybobbitybacon Illegal everywhere. Kinetic energy makes them deadly

Yea I didn't have enough facts to say everywhere but I had a hunch that would be the case. Was only speaking for my region

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