I'm pretty sure we have the resources to fix most the world's problems; however, we don't have the logistics or willpower, amirite?

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Another great point, well-intended extremism can cause a lot of harm.

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In matters of conscience, the law of greed is applied

@Milkzey In matters of conscience, the law of greed is applied

A very good point. I've been reading about various cultures in the bronze and iron age and a greedy oligarchy controlling almost all the wealth and power is panhuman, greed is universal.

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I think willpower would help a lot. We could eliminate many of the world's biggest problems like climate change.


We could eliminate many diseases like the seasonal flu, though that would be about the most we could do. As for logistics a lot of the problem is that a ruthless tyrant or oligarchy is halting progress in many countries. Logistically, we are doing great, it is more of a willpower problem.

Yet, many problems will still persist and as technology increases so will our ability to destroy ourselves either through malice or stupidity. For example, more treatments will make cancer less and less of a problem as technology improves.

On the other hand so will our ability to accidentally create an Artificial Intelligence that will exterminate the human race. Or create an energy source that make the entire planet go boom, whoops my bad.

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Don't forget the asshole variable. People are assholes and that's usually the problem with any system.

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a lot of the worlds problems are not caused by people doing nothing, they are caused by people doing something that isnt right

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