After society falls, the most difficult thing is going to be learning to live without lip balm. amirite?

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I am literally unable to recall the last time I used lip balm, so it's pretty safe to say that it's pretty likely that living without it anyway will be no different

just ask the school nurse for some!

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Based on recent history: The "most difficult" thing to live without will be "Toilet Paper". Am I wrong?

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Yes, but also no

My wife has enough to keep everyone's lips from being chapped for the next 4.5 billion years.

She keeps it all in her purse.

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Use cat oil

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Ehh I mean possibly like blistex and chap stick won't exist but you can get some animal fat and make some lip balm like the olden days

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Just snap an aloe vera frond - if you don't know that, lip balm won't be a problem. You'll probably die in the first phase.

Me licking my lips: what's lip balm?

I don't use it. Should I?

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