we're probably all dying in 5 years, amirite?

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I wouldn't mind that at all

capamericasurs avatar capamericasur Yeah You Are +12Reply

Key word (probably) meaning most likely not

I sure hope so.

Nah. It happens in 2031 according to AOC.

I'll take the under.

I've heard for 40+ years we only have 10 years to live. Pretty sure you're wrong as always

Maybe even less if a nuclear war breaks out


I believe u r correct!

freq432s avatar freq432 Yeah You Are +5Reply

see ya in hades

Pushing through the market square

So many mothers sighing

Lecturesea7537s avatar Lecturesea7537 Yeah You Are +3Reply

A whole 5?? That long you think?

Nah not me. Maybe you all, idk..

Manualhams avatar Manualham Yeah You Are +2Reply
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