Dads don't care about their yard looking nice. They just want to be left alone for a couple of hours each week. amirite?

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This explains almost all "male" activities.

This will make where I'm from sound much smaller than it is, but a girlfriend from my HS/College day's Dad would come home and mow the lawn every single day. It's a big lawn and all, but he 100% did it to avoid being inside. He rarely even came into the house from work. Just straight to the tractor.

Not that small a town but again… I was fly fishing just the other day with my friend, who grew up in the house next to said exgf and mow happy father. His parents and her parents still live there and he mentioned that he mows the lawn every single day to the complete annoyance of my friends dad to this day.

My friends Dad literally cuts the lawn with an old school manual push grass cutter to this day because it apparently is better for the environment and doesn't cause noise pollution.

Still can't believe those two ended up living directly next to each other for the last 40 years like that.

I do like the freedom away from screaming kids, however, I also like a nice lawn and garden.

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My dad would have to heavily disagree with this sentiment

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My dad came through one afternoon and said to me, "Son, it takes years to master the harmful illiations of the day, but only a day to take a year for a ride." From that point on, the boat never worked and my friend said it wasnt.

Its less about the grass looking nice and more about it not looking like crap.

Nope, my dad just likes his yard to look nice.

If this is true, surely that's a really sad situation, no?

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I took up marathon running when I had young children…

My Dad just liked to compete with the neighbours

It's a healthier habit than crack cocaine

Took my dad 25 years of marriage to agree to hire a lawn crew because he is ultra meticulous. Cameras for the neighbors who don't pick up after their dogs on his lawn (can't believe that actually worked..!) Not sure what he does to be left. He's not out on the lawn though; just poofs.

Ha, ha- I bet this is true!

Unless they ask you to help them.

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Naw, they care. Doesn't matter if you're worth a billion dollars if Frank across the street thinks your yard looks like crap. He'll make fun of you.

This is my personal hypothesis when I see 30 boats on a lake with a single occupant on a windy, rainy day on a lake that contains at most, 1 pound fish.

They don't want to fish, they just want to get away from their wives and kids.

Speak for yourself

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I have to disagree. My dad, myself (f) and my eldest son (35) are pretty keen gardeners. Gardening most of the time is an excuse to be outside.

Yes, I used to wonder as a teen why my dad spent so much time doing DIY on house, building 2 cars, rebuilding his garage 3 times. I have 4 kids now and I don't sit down lol

I'm not allowed to smoke a cigar in the house. So my yard gets mowed twice a week

As a lawn obsessed person… no. Although it is a nice side bar.

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Clearly OP isn't a dad

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I just don't want a yard full of fleas and ticks.

Smart dads get their kids to help, or get the kids to do it on their own.

I do it to make the neighborhood jealous. Almost every time I do it one neighbor nearby will suddenly cut theirs.

It's the equivalent of yawning. It is contagious to neighbors

@Rowgeara I do it to make the neighborhood jealous. Almost every time I do it one neighbor nearby will suddenly cut...

So true!

I pulled my mower out and my neighbor came running over say "Don't you do it!! Cause then I'll have to do it too!", I was kind enough to delay it a week for him, looked like rain anyways.

@Rowgeara I do it to make the neighborhood jealous. Almost every time I do it one neighbor nearby will suddenly cut...

It's so true, I'll hear my neighbor start his lawnmower and get a little whisper in the back of my mind telling me I need to mow mine as well.

@Rowgeara I do it to make the neighborhood jealous. Almost every time I do it one neighbor nearby will suddenly cut...

We were the first this year. Felt like Queen of the neighborhood. Our next door neighbors were next.

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Once my neighbor cuts his I have 72 hours to respond.

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This is why we need to normalize child-less families and having them when and if you want them and not because we're told to and expected to. Resulting in husband who can't stand their families, wives who can't stand their husbands, and kids seeing constant toxic relationships duct taped together "for the kids".

Beer and ride

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