If humans didn't have a sense of taste we would choose our favourite food by texture and smell, amirite?

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Smell is a huge part of taste. When you have a cold, your clogged sinuses is the reason most things taste bland.

Taste is a part of smell. Have you never had a horrible or delicious odour on your tongue?

Texture is just friction.

Smell is responsible for most of your taste. The intricate details of food is actually its smells. Plug your nose and eat your favorite foods. It gets broken down to its most basic tastes then.

While chewing, air is being circulated quite rapidly in your mouth and there is an unobstructed opening to your nose. The tongue can only detect a few basic tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami). But the nose can detect millions of different smells and those smells are what your food "tastes" like.

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I already do that lol. Something could taste fine but if i don't like the texture i don't consume it, which is why i don't drink wine for example.

Smell is part of your taste actually

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