Psychopaths are scary, psycho clowns are scary, psycho fathers are also scary. But the idea of a psycho lawnmower man being scary is questionable at best, amirite?

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Until he's in your computer.

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Lawnmower man, does he have spinning blades for hands or just a giant blade spinning on his chest, in any case that could definitely be scary

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Psychotherapist. How do we feel about them?

I find lawnmower man to be way scarier than a psychopath. If I had autism (which I might) I would be a psychopath but there's no way I'm going near a lawnmower man.

Ehhh.. let's see how calm you remain when an unhinged man with spinning blades on his hands runs at you

Tell that to True Detective (season 1 - which is excellent by the way…) ;)

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