Luke really got the raw end of the deal having to grow up on a moisture farm in the desert, while Leia got to be a princess, amirite?

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Yeah, but she had to wear cinnamon buns in her hair.

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Luke was barely better off than Anakin. He was imprisoned as well, forced to work on droids all day and work the farm. The only difference was that he didn't have a chip inside him that could blow him to pieces. At least Anakin got to be what he wanted from the age of 10. Luke was held back by his aunt and uncle until he was like what, 18?

Its all just a made up story, so no he actually didn't

Imagine how the stories would have been different if they were placed in the opposite way.

There is probably fanfic out there on it.

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Perhaps, but he also had a Jedi protector and first in line for training. They didn't even make an attempt with Leia. (as far as we know so far)

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He's a boy, he can handle it


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