You technically stole everything you own from your past self. amirite?

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I'm always one step ahead of him…

Rowgearas avatar Rowgeara Yeah You Are +7Reply

Uhh huh

-avoidingwork-s avatar -avoidingwork- Yeah You Are +6Reply

Im not usually mean but this is dumber than an inbred dyslexic turtle from Philly

EmigrandEs avatar EmigrandE Yeah You Are +5Reply

Oh well screw that guy he was a dick anyway

srilarts avatar srilart Yeah You Are +5Reply

... and now your past self has traveled into the future to get their revenge. And just as you were running from your future self who is angry that you didn't have better stuff also!

What? Just me?

baddThotss avatar baddThots Yeah You Are +5Reply


Vic8760s avatar Vic8760 Yeah You Are +5Reply

i use to be a guy named bill?

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