Velcro is more convenient,safe and practical yet is looked down upon in favour of laces, amirite?

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For lots of miles I love Velcro close over laces. If you are on your feet a lot laces are not your friend. I hate constantly having to retie them.

@freq432 once per day is too much?

No but 10 times when I'm busy is.

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@Pheniz21 No but 10 times when I'm busy is.

tie them better or replace with less slippery lace material
(switching a pair of sneakers to paracord near made me crazy until i got in the habit of double knotting)

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It's more of a pain to replace the Velcro when it wears out.

Also Velcro shoes have a point that it gives out and comes apart. Plus could get caught on something and come open.

That said, my 5y/o son was wearing his laced shoes the other week running in the park... Tripped, or as I like to think, attempted an impromptu flip, and managed to lose a shoe. So I guess laces don't keep them on anyway xD

(He was alright, just badly grazed, and he walked it off.)

Velcro is a drunk's best friend.

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Yeah but Velcro goes rrrrrrrrrrrhhhhiiiihihippp

For everyday shoes yeah, I would agree. Lacing boots for example can help significantly with ankle support, so they're superior when you need a solid fit to your foot.

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More safe? Laces allow for much better support, which helps prevent injuries.

Velcro makes stupid noises even when you aren't adjusting it

it collects crud and dies fast

when it dies it's usually sewn in so i can't just replace it with a piece of cord.

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