Centaurs are probably unable to masturbate, amirite?

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They are unable to because of the fact that the don't exist.

They'd find a way

Masturbation does not have to involve hands...


you'd be surprised...

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Being a centaur with an itchy asshole would suck!

You should do something about that porn addiction

Probably similar to elephant masterbation

Where there is a will, there is a log filled with honey

Reverse cowboy

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I've seen a young bull orgasm hands free before. He was standing in the pasture, arched his back and boom, shot about 1 quart in one pulse

Horses masturbate by slapping their dicks against their underside. Centaurs would absolutely be able to jerk it

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Nah the males could just slap it against their body like horses

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Horses masturbate by slapping it against their bellies. So theyd do that

They can probably lick themselves, its a win win

That's why they are always so angry.

Entirely possible which might explain why apparently they traditionally have a reputation for carrying off women to r*** them.

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