If a trans woman gets pregnant with her own preserved ahem.. DNA, would she give birth to an almost clone of herself. amirite?

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I guess we are at the "random sentences" stage of the Infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters experiment.

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If we ever get to that level of body alterations (trans-women being capable of giving birth like a biological woman), I would imagine it would be like a regular pregnancy (no cloning). But there could be significant problems for the child as it may technically be similar to inbreeding.

But at the same time there's never been someone who has impregnated themselves with their own coom to know if it's even possible to get themselves pregnant to begin with.


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Are you trolling or really that much of a fukwit?

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Trans woman is geneticaly man, therefote her body doesn't have ovaries. Even if we could one day transplant female reproductive system into her, it would still contain eggs with DNA of original donor.
The only way she could give birth to her own baby would be if she was born with two different sets of reproductive organs and hormonal treatment in transition would cause her ovaries to ovulate. With that she could have her own baby, but it probably wouldn't look like her clone.

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Umm well "she" is actually a……never mind

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@Shiny244 Umm well "she" is actually a……never mind

She is a she and a woman.

Reproductive organs are a separate thing from gender.

Trans women don't have ovaries, etc.

Science has come a long way, but I'm not sure that's how that works.

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for now im now aware of a way for trans women to be pregnant, but if science got this far, im pretty shure it would rather be basically incest² instead of a propper clone.

I can see the headlines " attack helicopter gives birth to tire iron"

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