If you can spell dyslexic, you're not dyslexic, amirite?

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Dislesic. Did I get it right?

Pheniz21s avatar Pheniz21 Yeah You Are +8Reply

Its not hard now is it?

@Saucierstone Its not hard now is it?

I am dyslexic and I mess up my own name sometimes.

Achilles982s avatar Achilles982 Yeah You Are +4Reply

"That's not how you spell dyslexic."

"Of course not it's deez nutts."

Dyslexic people can learn to spell.

Rowgearas avatar Rowgeara Yeah You Are +5Reply

spell egregious. that's the test.

Shiny244s avatar Shiny244 Yeah You Are +3Reply

I spell lexdysic all the time, does that mean I'm not?

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