People who are left-handed probably have worse handshakes, amirite?

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Lefty, married to a lefty. We had a kid... Lefty. I use right handed scissors because that's what we have. Most everything I have to do with a dominant hand I do right because the whole world is made for right handers.

Wrestled in HS. Learned a move right handed. Converted it to left and could do it from either side. Some benefits to this I guess. Plus left handers are the only ones in their right mind.

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Bet lemme tell you... we give phenomenal handjobs

@Achilles982 Bet lemme tell you... we give phenomenal handjobs

They don't call you south paw for no reason...

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Lmfao, just because we are left handed doesn't mean our right hand doesn't work 🤣🤣🤣

@Sharag Have you ever had hand shaked with your non-dominant hand

Yes, I'm left handed and I shake with my right. Works just fine, not limp with a nice firm grip.

Living in a right-handed world, you learn to do a lot of things right-handed that you would prefer not to.

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Sticking out my left hand to shake someone's hand to assert dominance over someone I'm not a fan of. Never gets old.

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I feel personally attacked

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