Unless you get Cremated, eventually your body will be eaten by small bugs and little critters. amirite?

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If you get cremated, your ashes will eventually be returned to the earth somehow.

Unless of course you get murdered, chopped into pieces and fed to pigs

@jodzdzownica Not little though

But pigs would defecate what they could not eat which critters would eat.

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@opensofias Ok. Put in a barrel of acid then

And unless the barrel of acid lasts forever eventually it will break down and the materials in it will be absorbed into the surrounding earth and after the acid is neutralized your molecules the acid did not totally destroy would be eaten by bugs.

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@opensofias Ok. Put in a barrel of acid then

ok ok fine. there's like five exceptions 🙄 so unless you get lucky enough to be one of those exceptions, you can spend the rest of your life knowing most certainly that you will be eventually eaten by bugs or animals

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