You won't be able to go to anyones funeral who comes to yours. amirite?

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My testament: Don't put my casket in the ground until I've attended one homie's funeral.

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I'm going to have a funeral for myself now just to prove you wrong.

well, technically, what if someone brings your dead body to someone else's funeral

What if it was Jesus? who died then came back to life? or what if I fake my death

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That's why ima have my ashes blown into the audience at my funeral. My ashes will be stuck in their lungs and wherever they go, I'll be there stuck in their lungs for life.

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My dad always told me "There is no favor you could never repay except for people who come to your funeral"

Mytokhondrias avatar Mytokhondria Yeah You Are +10Reply

I totally plan on coming back as a zombie. So I will be available for funerals after

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