We just tell ourselves fantastical fabricated stories to give meaning to our objectively pointless existence. amirite?

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Or perhaps our existence actually isn't pointless, but we explain it away to avoid the reality we are eternally held accountable for our life.

Either way, it is not a hard fact that our existence is pointless.

Meaning is derived, created.

It doesn't just sit there waiting to be discovered.

How pointless your existence is is entirely up to you.

Its mans burning desire to keep on living after they are dead ..Hence all the Gods..

It's either these fantastical fabricated stories (religion) or face the existential dread.

If you say so. I can't confirm everyone, but my made up story is nothing but fiction that's mainly for the whole world rather than just me, but me or a group of people I'm in fighting against the >!GR members. As a resistance against their agenda!<.

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