Scientifically, it will always be impossible to prove if there is a afterlife/what happens after death. amirite?

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scientifically it is now impossible, never underestimate how little we know about the world we live in

Science cannot prove anything. Proofs only exist in logic and math.

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@potatobunny So a part of science?

Math and logic can be used in the scientific process, but science is unable to prove anything.

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@potatobunny So a part of science?

No, what they mean is that nothing can actually be proven. The laws of physics and such are just equations that don't always apply. Since not everything can be observed, theories are the only thing they can ever be.

Its impossible to be dead and have memories of being dead. Memories are created and stored in the brain and if your brain is doing all that then youre not dead.

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