A toothbrush isn't bought regularly even though we use it in our mouths everyday and it allows us to keep having teeth. amirite?

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Dude, replace your toothbrush more often! Every 3 months or sooner

Ancient Roman gladiators' remains have perfect teeth. They didn't have tooth brushes.

We need tooth brushes because of our diets.

@Iapetus-11 What age did gladiators die?

Old. They were valuable, they didn't often die in arena combat.

Generally speaking the remains of people from the classical world have good teeth. Their access to sugar was limited. Gladiators had especially controlled diets.

Ok, this is going to sound odd. I keep using same the electric toothbrush I've had for a few years.
I clean the toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide every 2-3 days. Once a month I replace the battery, dismantle and throughly clean the toothbrush. The bristles are still fine.

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