A pig's sunburn will smell like bacon. amirite?

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Last night, when me and your mother were on the beach, she didn't smell like bacon! Your myth is BUSTED


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Wouldn't a sunburn smell more like chicharron pork rinds (skin) rather than the internal meat of the pig?

I wish, but unfortunately I don't think it's true lol. The main reason is because I'm 90% sure pigs dint sunburn. As I'm writing this j am realising u probably meant it as a joke and it doesn't need a full emanation to why pigs don't sunburn but I'll do It anyway.

Wild pigs are very used in the sun and their skin has adapted to the sun's rays. Therefore, although pigs can get very hot it, sunburns are highly unlikely, if possible at all. For livestock pigs it's the same, it's the same ancestors and I highly doubt pigs even know what suncream is. Sorry, I.... am..... a ..... NERD

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