It's taken for granted that dogs don't need to be wiped after pooping, amirite?

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My nephew didn't think so he said in the most honest voice ‘ew don't they need to wipe' I was laughing my ass off

They actually do. People just neglect it and end up with poo particles on their couches or bed. My pit loves getting his butt hole wiped.

Just wait until you get your pup back from dogsitting at grandma's for a few days. Human food diarrhea blasts will definitely make you have to wipe. It sucks.

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I don't have to wipe my dog when she poops, but I do when she pisses. When my German shepherd puppy pisses, she we will walk before she's done. Drips get on her fur between her legs, and sometimes on the back of her foot. It's nasty when it dries and makes her fur stink.

If people pooped by squatting we wouldn't need to wipe, either.

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