Suicidal people probably don't know what the hotline number is. amirite?

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Knowing the number or that there are people willing to listen and hetlp won't prevent suicide. There are many reasons for suicide, depressed people may not even believe they are worth the time or help of people working at these hotlines.
If this is an attempt to make fun of suicidal people you should really be ashamed of yourself and think about what you just said.

Part of the problem is that I feel like when people are at that point it's either to late to talk to someone or talking to a stranger isn't what's needed. Having. A random person telling you "you matter" or "I care about you" isn't the same as someone you know and care about genuinely saying it.

I really don't get your point. As a person that just lost a friend to suicide whom had called the hotline in the past I just don't understand what your implying.

@ambitiouscorner I really don't get your point. As a person that just lost a friend to suicide whom had called the hotline in the...

He isn't talking bad about suicidal people nor the suicide hotline people. He's saying someone may just want to talk to someone about why their life is so damn painful, a stranger even, or a stranger preferably, but they just didn't know the phone number to call. He's speaking about the tragedy of loneliness and wanting to talk but not having anyone. With the suicide hotline, there are people to talk to. It's just that a few tragically don't know the number, or even know there is such a hotline.

The number is 988, call or text 24/7. There are plenty of people who use it, but the bigger issue is people not feeling like they're worth the Lifeline's time despite being imminent risk.

My problem with the way suicide is handled is the system focuses on the individual.

Poverty probably causes suicide.

Ditto for unemployment.

Ditto for racial weathering


Saving a person's life is great like a superhero saving a falling person. Yet, a pat on the back and platitudes won't solve the long term problems. If a person has chronic unemployment and poverty throwing them in locked cell seems counterproductive to me.

Geee, I don't have enough money so I'm feeling really down. Missing work or applying for jobs will make things only worse. I may be wrong about this, but even if I am the fear of telling your therapists, guidance counselor, or anyone else in power and blam police arrive and throw you in jail is just going to make a bad situation worse in my opinion.

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