You're expected to know laws, but lawyers go to school for years to study them, amirite?

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To know the specifics, the loopholes, allthe stuff the average person shouldn't really care to know but knowing a bit of the laws in your area is a thing everyone is supposed to know

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Actually they bank on people not knowing the law. My bf is going to law school and hasn't gotten a ticket or has gotten out of tickets because of how well he works it.

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Lawyers go to school to learn how to be good lawyers. The law itself is a public document anyone can "learn". But how to navigate the law...how to litigate etc. is a real skill.

there is a big difference in obeying basic laws and being able to research extreme complexities and argue nuances in real-time.

Most people are expected to be able to drive a car, but it takes years of dedicated study to design or repair cars professionally.

Studying law is more about learning to interpret laws and the framework they operate within than actually learning the laws.

Trust me, I flunked out of law school

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