There needs to be more "tragic hero" stories like Ancient Greek literature had. amirite?

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Definitely not an unpopular opinion, I'm tired of the immunities characters experience in stories and media today. Characters dying only to be revealed as alive through some ridiculous means, taking away the impact and development towards the story their deaths could have brought. Animes have an issue with this also, I miss the early 2000s Light Yagami and Lelouch where they truly have consequences. Now those are villains, but generally this whole "good guy" whitewash concept with predictable story lines is tiring and everywhere nowadays.

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Comics are for children. Read adult books, and you'll find plenty

We should also bring back the stories where the hero wins but dies in the process

Allow me to blow your mind then: the books all these movies and shows are based on are tragic hero stories. Theyve been watered down to a near unrecognizable state by the media. The Comic series What If was one of the only times we had stories where there was a happy ending, or a character death impacting a whole universe. People want a fun 60s sci fi movie about the Fantastic Four but don't care about Ben Grimm trapped as a rock covered man who frightens anyone who sees him. They want Thor but they don't want a future king burdened with the responsibility to his family, kingdom, prophecy, Earth and all of its people and superheroes. Spider-Man makes jokes in a fight because he's afraid and it distracts the villain allowing him to use his intelligence to find a solution.
And that's just 3 examples. If you're interested you don't have to go out and track down every book. You can read online, you can get graphic novels, you can pirate the books, you can watch a YouTube video on a whole story arc.. There were thousands of stories told between 62 and now waiting for you to discover them.

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