Raisins are the best part of trail mix. amirite?

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Raisins are nature's candy.

Raisins are too sweet and full of carbs.

No way, it's anything chocolate!

Raisins are the best part of anything that contains raisins.

Disagree all you like, but know that you are laughably wrong.

Now that's an unpopular opinion lol.

I personally like the trail part most

What about the m&ms
Trail mix offers to many variations to say this for certain.

Get a bag of raisins

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@Tldfonat Get a bag of raisins

While you're point is valid...the salt from the peanut makes the raisin in the trail mix "pop"

Never got the hate for raisins. They're delicious.

No way, the M&Ms are the best.

That makes sense because they are the only thing that is squishy/moist. They provide balance.

Oh my god dried cherrries? You're rich friend

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