Pulp Fiction is not that good. amirite?

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I agree. I was some mixture of bored and confused during its entire duration.

I was expecting a masterpiece, but it was just a movie.

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A pretty solid solution to your first problem would be getting off instagram.

Cult movies have a tendency to arouse rabid love from their fans. Those fans develop blinders regarding the greatness, or significance of the films.

I liked Pulp Fiction. I will even go so far as to put as one of the better movies of 1990s. However, it's not the best movie ever, and yes, it's not Tarantino's best, either. Nevertheless, I DID think it was more deserving of the Best Picture Oscar, than Forrest Gump.

In fact, it's stupid. Reservoir Dogs is way better.

I don't remember asking you a goddamn thing.

Forrest Gump sucks ass!

@1440807101 Forrest Gump sucks ass!

He does? Must've missed that scene

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@browndog888 He does? Must've missed that scene

It's the scene where Jenny gives him her aids…

It's good. But my fav Tarantino movie, even though he didn't direct it, is True Romance. I also really liked his CSI "Grave Digger" 2-Parter.

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I don't think it's the best movie ever, but it's a great movie. And my kind of movie. That said, I understand why a lot of people wouldn't like it. It's an arthouse-y movie and that's not for everyone.

1994 was a strong year for movies but its still the best movie of 1994

ok but the soundtrack is fire

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Don't feed the troll folks

It's definitely my upper 95 percentile seen it at least 6 times and noticed something cool every time. My latest discovery was that the piercing chick got excited when they stabbed Mia with the needle cause she likes piercing.

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Damn I'm personally offended

I don't even know why they made it.

@dankXD Not to make money?

Well, wouldn't entertaining people translate loosely to money? It is a pretty good story as well.

You cannot tell me honestly that if a series of events 1/10 as interesting happened to you that you wouldn't tell people every chance you got. And most people would gladly listen. Hell, I know I would.

Pulp Fiction IS that good!

I'm with you bud I bailed half way through. Tartinrino is just not my thing.

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