Baggy clothes look better than tight clothes, amirite?

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Comfort doesn't necessarily mean baggy. I wear slim fit clothes all the time. They just perfectly fit and aren't too tight or loose. Comfort could also be the material it's made from. If it stretches out a little bit, If it has a stretchy material such as elastane. (Usually about 2-7%) it would be a bit more comfortable since it stretches out to the perfect fit. And would be more stretchier and comfortable after wear.

Jeans for example, they stretch out.

My Levi's 501 skinny are so comfortable after a 2 wears.

I'm a sucker for all kinds of pants and denim. Straight, flare, baggy, bootcut. You name it, I love them all. Regardless of the style, all of them are comfortable.

I don't think anyone should be wearing tight clothes. You can still wear form fitted clothes and feel comfortable just as you can wear baggy clothes and feel comfortable.

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Yeah I go for comfort first then see how it looks

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