The prevalence of scammers on EBay has made it unusable for anything but niche products. amirite?

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What are you shopping for? I've used eBay for buying things recently, mostly clothes, and I've generally had a positive experience.

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I probably use Ebay 1x/year on average. And yes, for niche products.

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Not unpopular, unfortunately this is a fact

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Never had a scam as a buyer but I have encountered tons of scams as a seller.

Last month I had a customer return an item but forgot to include the item. Another return me a cheap copy and finally a customer returned a rock instead of the correct part. All of these I appealed the case with ebay and still lost.

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ebay just did a major update of the site in 2003.

Ive used ebay for years and years, not so much recently but I do still use it. Never had an issue with being scammed. Had an issue once where someone lied about the condition of the item but that was resolved and life went on.

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