The Witcher books aren't good, amirite?

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I think it turns a corner with Baptism of Fire. Just keep going.

Maybe "The Witcher' series is nothing special, but the Husite Trilogy by Andrzej Sapkowski is a great piece of literature.

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this is like hunter x hunter the anime very good but when you go to read manga It is very boring and full of dialogues that are difficult to understand

Oh come on, the last wish is great.

I read the first two books after playing the game and watching the show thinking they were gonna be excellent, but the writing was of grocery store bookshelf quality.


Are you reading them in the original language? I agree they're not the best fantasy books ever written, but I think they're pretty good, especially the character work. I will say Blood of Elves is the weakest book imo. I would recommend giving it until Baptism of Fire, and if you still don't like it, DNF it then.

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The games aren't that good neither.

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I will agree that, so far (I've only made it to Time of Contempt) the overarching narrative is pretty lacking and not presented very well, but I quite like them so far. I think the characters are written pretty well and I think the world building is pretty decent.

they are great.

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