Hockey should not allow/condone fighting as a normal part of the game, amirite?

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You dont understand the game. Unlike football hockey is a 30 minute full time and full contact sport and tempers flare. Their protective gear keeps injuries to a minimum. There are ejections but multiple 5 min major penalties have a chilling effect on fighting so dont hate on em. Personall I earned the lady bing 3 seasons running and loved it when spme numbskull defenseman swung on me cause he went to box and we scored... Note I was glad to have numbskull defenseman on my team because they kept are great players from getting clobbered.

I agree. Instead they should just randomly release lions onto the rink throughout the game. Whichever team can kill it with their bare hands gets 3 extra points.

@Dr-pen I'd watch that too

Hell yeah. I don't know how coordinated lions are on ice so it might even be a semi fair fight if you let the players use their hockey sticks and put some razors on the puck. Have a couple players distract or restrain the lion while another player lines up a deadly shot to the throat/brain. I'd watch that all day every day.

You really should watch the documentary called Ice Guardians... listen to the experts

Lol when your best friend is captain and someone takes a run at him/her, tell me you don't wanna don't their noggin.

How long have you been watching hockey?

@Eastern-Spot2023 How long have you been watching hockey?

A long time, but I don't see how it's relevant

I go to the fight and hope a hockey game breaks out

I agree one hundred percent, but I don't watch hockey. And if they got rid of fighting, I still wouldn't watch hockey. Since I hate when people try to change sports I watch, when they don't watch them and wont no matter what changes the sport makes, I don't think I should speak out against fighting in hockey.

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