Drug dealing itself is an MLM, amirite?

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Well not really.. MLMs are mostly scams and there are thousands of hierarchy levels, fixed supply you must buy, etc.

A drug dealer can just order 1kg of weed and start selling it in the street with good profit. There are producers, distributors and dealers just like a legitimate business.

Why? Because the end customers actually want the stuff and it's in demand. In contrary no one wants overpriced essential oils or some magical pills.

@bibbitybobbitybacon i actually would want magical pills. if they were actually magical.

Yeah who wouldn't. But think about it: If a product really had superpowers, the big corporations would start producing it themselves and selling it directly to the customers without the middlemen.

Not the same! MLMs survive mostly on recruiting, and the mlm product is usually difficult to sell, resulting in, statistically, a high percentage of new recruits having to purchase their own products just to meet quota. Whereas actual product sales are what mainly moves drugs, which are easily sold and high in demand. Plus with dealing you don't always have to be recruited. You can always start a business independently. Whether it's legal pharmaceuticals or not. Tl;dr: Most people cringe at hearing the word "MLM"....but they smile when they hear the word "drugs"

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