Having a resting bitch voice is worse than having a resting bitch face, amirite?

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So relatable.

No way. The voice is easier to fake with a tiny bit of effort.

"Why are you so angry?" After I say anything. Could just be hello and I'm accused of being angry.

Having a bitch voice is something you can control - it generally has nothing to do with your voice and everything to do with the way you say things which is totally under your control. Resting bitch face is less controllable because thats just how the face naturally sits.

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Isn't it lovely

"Watch your tone boy"

@Kasie "Watch your tone boy"

That boy part gets'em fired up pretty quick

My family thinks I am being sarcastic and passive aggressive whenever I speak. My husband says my tone always sounds like I am trying to ask for something passively or get him to do something. Most days are okay but some days suck because he walks on eggshells around me and frantically does things I said I wanted to do because he thinks I am asking in a passive aggressive tone. He is shocked to learn I actually meant it when I said I wanted to mow the lawn or that I didn't want a fancy purse for my birthday… between the voice and my face, I put off so many mixed signals! Lol

Change your tone.

"Why are you angry?"

"I'm not angry. I'm just tired"

"No, no -you're definitely angry."

Ah yes. Thank you Valeria for understanding my feelings better than I do.

10000%. My voice is so much more rude than I intend to sound. 😭

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