Australian accents are horrible. amirite?

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You've never heard a true Boston accent then. Most of my family has it. Thank god I don't.

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I'm gonna guess you've never been to Wisconsin.

@Thatoneduderyan I'm gonna guess you've never been to Wisconsin.

As someone who moved from NY to Wisconsin…yeah, you're spot on

"Ope didn't c ya there bucko! Just gonna slip past ya and get some cheese curds!"

Oi! Yurrah kranky lil bugga antcha'?

There's something really comforting about getting on a Qantas flight home after a few months traveling and hearing an Aussie accent over the loudspeaker though.

Don't get me wrong, when I travel it's usually solo and I don't want to hear another Aussie accent at all. And I feel special when I'm at a bar and someone asks where I'm from in Australia because they LOVE Australians.

As an American, I love Australian accents

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Yeah they are horrible

check your jingoism.

Dude. So you dont like Robert Irwin or Steves voice?

@Huemaninstrument Dude. So you dont like Robert Irwin or Steves voice?

Don't get me wrong, they're amazing people and Steve Irwin is a legend, but again, growing up around that and hearing the accent all the time, is horrible.

At least you're not from Minnesota in the US.

It's all down to taste. I find the Black Country accent terrible in England, South African and some Arabic languages really bad.

As a South African I like Aussie accents because they are nearly as horrible as ours.

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I think they are fine.

They sound like really exaggerated cockney accents to me

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