Masturbation IS cheating, amirite?

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Poe's Law is in full effect here.

Your opinion makes me want to beat my meat even more

@bibbitybobbitybacon Got a cheating kink mate? 🤨

No I just like to beat my meat. I mean literally fighting meat. I'm a meat fighter, like rocky when he was training. I'm the best at beating meat. Steak? No chance. Ground beef? More like ground queefing.

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You raise a pretty good point. People have different expectations and boundaries for relationships, and as such cheating means different things for different people. What's important is to communicate these to your partner to see if you're still a good fit for each other. If my partner communicated this to me, I would think that it would be best to break up because I won't be able to satisfy the conditions of a faithful relationship by those standards.

It's cheating if you break the rules. I suggest not agreeing to a "no masturbation" rule.

Biologically speaking, that's not true.

Went to my wife with this to show her, she told me to just cheat..

Cheating is defined by whatever the people in the relationship define it as. So you're right. And also wrong.

Imagine breaking up with someone or getting a divorce cuz your partner wanted to rub one out while they were bored and you were gone

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Only if you write a contract with a partner or at least a verbal agreement that no masturbation is allowed. Otherwise, it is not.

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Regardless, it certainly makes me feel good! Think I'll rub one out now!

This isn't even an opinion lol, it's just wrong

lmao you have to be kidding

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Just wow, that is definitely unpopular but in a really stupid way

Whoa. This is gonna be a good one. Have a sit everyone.

Cheating is only defined by the individuals in the relationship not you patriotsfan2000


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No sense in arguing with someone who doesn't prescribe logic.

OP must be a Mormon.

Bro gets no bitches

OP is the kind of guy that pays no attention to anything but thrusting in and out and then gets mad when his partner reaches down to stimulate her own neglected clit.

I needed that laugh so thank you

Protip: bring toys/vibrators into the bedroom with you. Leave your ego at the door.

@Eastern-Spot2023 Protip: bring toys/vibrators into the bedroom with you. Leave your ego at the door.

Toys are there to help us gentlemen, not hinder us.

Learn the ways of the flesh for your woman.
She will thank you for it

Ah a conservative… that explains why you know nothing about the female body.

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Lazy guys are jealous of dildos. All it takes is communication and consideration. That dildo isn't the enemy it's a tool.
You don't get jealous of a saw because it will cut wood better than you can chew through it.

You must be one nightmare of a partner for someone lol

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