Meg episodes are better than Chris episodes in family guy. amirite?

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The real unpopular opinion is having any opinion about Family Guy.

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I think overall Meg has more of a personality and has more Character the. Chris. Chris's whole thing is being dumb fat and a loner, but Meg tries to do her best in life. Ultimately it really depends on the episode and the writing

Shut up, Meg.

They only really had one specific episode that dealt with Chris and Herbert and one with the Evil Monkey others were just a running gag, so I kinda sounds like you don't actually watch the show.

Meg's a flat out better character than Chris in general, in large part because Chris is mostly just Diet Peter whereas Meg has a more distinct personality from either parent and because she has hidden depths that are hinted at between the jokes. Makes sense that Meg-centric episodes would be better overall.

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Ot really depends on the episode to me. Like the prison meg episode ia great whereas fridgebod meg episode imo is not, but i like chris' episode where he gets chemically castrated and the one where he gets cultured by hanging with brian, but there others i dislike

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