Making video 5 hour video essays about video games is absurd, and misses the point of games entirely. amirite?

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I hate the more recently trend of hours long video essays. Like I don't mind longer videos but I so tired of seeing a video that I might find interesting if it wasn't 3+ hours long

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What if I have fun dissecting and analyzing the things I consume? Or watching others do the same? You're just not the target audience for these things. It doesn't make them wrong.

It's almost as if games have become so complex and detailed they warrant 5 hour long video essays, and equally it's almost like every game has the right to be critiqued by it's consumers whether or not you like it.

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I see no issue with discussing the smaller mechanics and fine details of video games. Just like movies. Just like any hobby really. The deep dive is for some people. Some people like to be a little more analytical about the things they enjoy. The genre is definitely over saturated though and shouldnt be recommended to most people

Some people are interested. Why shouldnt they make videos about it? You are clearly not the target, so just skip it and never click on it. Otherwise youtube is gonna suggest you these videos

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Whitelight is quaking rn

This one is really going to shock you: people have written PhD dissertations about Dark Souls

Well for the average game player that sits down once every couple months to play Fortnite or something then yeah these don't matter. But I would argue that many in the gaming community, like those that play everyday find those interesting and informative for games they have and games they're thinking about buying

I find the insinuation that I can't ask questions and have fun condescending.

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Fiction can be analyzed???😱

You realize that many video games have more to offer than just being fun

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