I don't think anyone actually likes highschool, amirite?

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I think people who messed around a lot at school and had friends in every class found it fun. I mean compare it to working 5 days a week full time.

Well…. High school or woke indoctrination camp? High school now is NOT what high school used to be…

@JimKB No, it's not, because people like you are the reason school budgets are getting cut.

Compare the US high schools to say . . . China… there is no comparison. Our schools are jokes compared to other first world countries. We test way behind.

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There should definitely be a hybrid option for ALL HS students. So many reasons why. Middle school too. A lot of peer pressure- would be nice to lessen the anxiety for such a critical learning time- ridiculous it's not an option in a lot of schools in 2022!

Prom yeah no even if we had one in highschool the girls lose their minds you see we have mandatory dance practice in Finland now despite being assigned a dance partner most just chooce their own the girls I mean can choose guys. Me nah guys don't choose. I like my usual "eternal darkness" nice quiet you get what I mean I don't have one.

Choose to not have kids, you'll never have to leave your high school self behind! And you'll have more money to do the things you could only dream of doing back then.

10 years out of high school and living the same life but simultaneously better in every way.

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I like college way better than high school. High school is chock-full of peer pressure and it's suffocating. In college, people are generally more mature and I was freer to be myself then. I love my high school clique though (we were mostly wallflowers).

@browndog888 I like college way better than high school. High school is chock-full of peer pressure and it's suffocating. In...

College can have tons of peer pressure, but only if you're a dope who decided to join a fraternity/sorority.

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My Sir or Lady or Either or Neither, this is not an opinion, it is factually incorrect.

There are people that like it. And yes, I am not one of those. But they like it because they had a good time there. Some may "peak" there but my mother for instance did not and still looks down fondly at that time in her life, her friends, learning stuff as a working class girl having that privilege. She had a hard time getting that I genuinly hated it. But, like I told her, experiences differ.

Agreed- High school was pretty crap. College on the other hand was epic good for me. Free to do my own thing, join my own groups, hang with people I liked being around- it was excellent.

I hated high school but i don't hate it as much as making min wage in my 30's

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@lazar94 I hated high school but i don't hate it as much as making min wage in my 30's

Seriously, why do you think you are making min wage this late in life? This is pretty unusual, considering only like 1.5% of people in the US make min wage.

@Boknows12 That's over 10 million people making minimum wage.

Thanks, not sure what your point is. If you look closer, almost all of those jobs are low skilled jobs like food service. Lots of young people starting out, etc.

@LookAnAltAccount Thanks, not sure what your point is. If you look closer, almost all of those jobs are low skilled jobs like food...

The problem is its not just teenagers making minimum wage, it's adults too. In more heavily populated areas it can be difficult to find a job and you just don't have the time so you have to be exploited or die.

I just liked my high school experience because I actually had friends then and I was much happier. Didn't really care about the actual school part

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I could of done without a few beatings every now and then for 10 years

Scoring the winning touchdown is very much high school, as not many people get the opportunity to do that after that time. And people do a hell of a lot more than just study during the 7 hour high school day.

Homework, grades, tests, and projects made high school the WORST 4 years of my life

Solving for X was the best time of my life.

I did not like it but it is the lesser evil compared to college

I think for most of us the term high school refers to a 4 year long period of our lives, not strictly what happened in school.

I've been out of high school for more than 20 years. While I would never say it was the best time of my life, I do look back on it fondly.

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Elementary school is where it's at

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@Tldfonat Elementary school is where it's at

same here grades 3-5 where the best.

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@88080808088 same here grades 3-5 where the best.

Playing tag, then going to aa friends house to play video games and his mom makes pizza pockets... Literally peak living

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@Tldfonat Elementary school is where it's at

I don't even remember elementary school lol

It was ok. But college was so much better.

I like it . Learning was fun 🤷

I had a blast my senior year. Including during the day while in school. No, not every single moment was perfect but I enjoyed it very much. Some of the classes were even interesting. Poli-sci, history, guitar, enjoyed all of those classes on the merits of the class itself. Enjoyed cutting up, too. Skipping, cutting class, flirting, hanging out, it was all a great time. So I have to disagree with you and I dont think its an opinion. I think you are objectivel wrong in your claim.

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I disagree. I loved high school. I loved being a student. And I was damn good at it.

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I liked high school just fine. I had a good group of friends and being in all honors classes got me away from classes plagued with disruptive students.

Its alright

I loved high school. But I also loved college, and grad school, and everything after.

I wouldn't say it was the best part of my life. But I certainly enjoyed it. I had fun.

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For a lot of people, high school is like this tiny confined society and some kids get to play roles within that society that they never will again. What I mean by that is, for example, the kids on the sports teams get to feel like superstars because their bleachers are full and their peers may or may not talk about the games or wins. After high school most of those kids will be playing a local league infront no one and nobody cares whether they won or not.

It's the same thing for other things. I was the best guitarist at my school and our talent shows drew bigger numbers than I ever got to play in front of again (mostly parents, sibling and kids want to get out of class). We did feel like we had some level of reputation or renown even if no one cared as much as we think they did.

So for some kids no one will care more about what they do ever again so anything after that can feel like you peaked.

me literally suffering:

College was way better

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