Considering how many humans need glasses, and how many animals can't wear glasses, natural camouflage makes a lot more sense. amirite?

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I think wild animals with bad vision most likely die off faster and have evolved to have better vision on average due to that

@Vic8760 Actually most animals have worse eyesight than humans.

Not so, in truth. The vision of birds, for example, often extends outside our (human) visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Which means (due to double the number of rods/cones in their eyes) that they can often see frequencies such as infrared.

@Vic8760 Actually most animals have worse eyesight than humans.

Depends on what your definition of quality eyesight is. Take a deer for instance, classic prey animal eyesight configuration. While this would make them bad at hunting and playing Overwatch, they are extremely sensitive to movement all around them which enables them to quickly bolt if spooked. They, like a lot of animals also have much better night vision than we do. Camo is highly effective, which is why we see it occurring in nature so frequently, but it's often ruined by movement. Even for us humans with our "good" eyesight, a copperhead sitting by a rock not moving is almost impossible to see and very easy to step on, whereas one moving around by that rock is easy to see even from a distance.

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