Being an 'introvert' doesn't mean you're shy, amirite?

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A lot of people usually like to label themselves and brag about being introverts just to come off as "unique" and "quirky" but ironically most people that I meet that self-identify as introverts are usually the ones with large social circles and are extremely outgoing and love to get attention from everyone lol.

For me I love working days before a long weekend because when no one is there I can relax

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If you are either socially anxious or just overly shy, it's a thing you can and have to get rid of.

I would say it's something you can learn to manage. I have social anxiety and I'm uncomfortable interacting with people in many situations, but I can do it whenever necessary. My job actually requires a lot of social interaction and I'm doing just fine. But I will probably never get rid of my shyness.

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Exactlyyyy. My aunt is a stereotypical introvert. She's mean, and hates people. I'm an energetic person, who is kind of outgoing. But I still consider myself introverted because of how exhausting it is to be around people for long. I can only do like 1-2 hangouts a week, and most days I prefer to be alone at home, or with my family, who I'm comfortable with.

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Random person or coworker: You look so unapproachable all the time.

Me: But yet here you are….

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I'm an introvert and I'm not shy. I ha e no problem speaking if I have to.

People just drain energy from me. I don't like most people.

I am an introvert, but most of my aquaintances would say I am an extrovert because I only see them at the bar after a few drinks when I become a temporarily extroverted.

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I agree with all of this. I'm an introvert, my husband is an introvert my kids are introverts. None of us are shy. We are all socially fine and can do all the things. We just prefer socialising less than others and each like our own space to 'recharge' and relax. And we're happy and fulfilled without needing lots of excitement and time with other people outside our home.

Can you be a socially anxious introvert? Sure. Ofcourse. But that's not a plain old introvert. That's an introvert with mental health struggles.

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I think there is a correlation. When you are socially anxious you lose energy when you have a social interaction.

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Well said tbh 👏

Tl;DR introvert is recharging with alone time and being around people drains the social battery.
Extrovert is recharging by being social and being drained by being alone.

Being anxious nervous etc is normal and healthy but if it's overbearing for daily life for you to do basic tasks it's neither from bring introverted or extroverted you probably have a illness/disorder

I don't think this is as much unpopular as it is factually correct

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When I was growing up I was introvertive because I was convinced everyone around was dumber than me and not worth the time. Pretty much the opposite of shyness. I was just a dick.

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Yeah, I'm an introvert, I have great social skills, I have lots of friends and actually like socializing, it just that at the end of the day I REALLY need some alone time, pretty simple

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Being shy can be a possible outcome of being introvert. Most of shy people are introverts, too.

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@Some-Noname-idk Being shy can be a possible outcome of being introvert. Most of shy people are introverts, too.

I think shy people are just Anxious, not necessarily introverts. A lot of them get more social when they're with people they know.

This isn't an unpopular opinion...it's a literal fact. People just don't know what dictionaries are anymore.

Thank you! I am not introverted at all! But I am a painfully shy extrovert, which is a special kind of hell.

I'm the opposite. I'm extroverted but I suffer from so much social anxiety that I struggle a lot with it.

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I'm an introvert and I do improv comedy and I'm great at giving presentations and speeches at work. Just leave me the hell alone on Sundays.

Social anxiety pandemic

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For me it means everyone can take a long walk off a short pier..

This isn't an opinion. It's a matter of established definition and categorization, it's just a fact.

Thank you! I always have to explain to people that I'm not shy whatsoever but I'm definitely introverted. When I need to recharge or gather myself I prefer to do it in solitude.

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This actually makes a lot of sense. I love to be alone most of the time and get drained easily by being social but I'm not shy. I can easily talk to anyone

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This is such a massive pet peeve of mine, thank you!!! I would consider myself a social introvert, I go out to all the parties and hang out with lots of people but ultimately it all depends on me getting adequate alone time.

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