Arranged marriages ain't that bad, amirite?

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Sure,the thing is an arranged marriage is generally not like that. Usually its the parents choosing a spouse for their kids for their own reasons.

If its two adults that simply agree to marry that dont know each other and are comfortable,thats fine. Its their life.

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I'm not talking about a forced marriage.

Then is it really arranged?

It sounds more like you're talking about parents hooking you up on a blind date.

Cause that's what western society is usually trying to push. Date someone, get to know them, once you know them, if you love each other, THEN pursue marriage.

If that order of operations sounds the same, then you're not talking about what most people think of when they hear "arranged marriage" - which is agreeing to the marriage before knowing each other.

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I'm sure they are just as good if not better than traditional marriages. I know religion and family can put a lot of guilt on divorces so many in these high demand religions will stay in unhealthy marriages. So, I'm not sure if it's the pressure to stay together or if arranged marriages are really better


@Pheniz21 ‘Consenting'

Well I'm sure the consent is only because of the guilt in saying no.

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@1440807101 Well I'm sure the consent is only because of the guilt in saying no.

Exactly. My parents/grandparents and extended family will disown me, so I guess I consent.

I see your point. I don't know if this will ever be something even remotely excepted in western society. I think it works best in places where social class is far more separated (caste system), only allowing marriage within your class.

Years ago, I would have scoffed and criticized arranged marriages.

Now, I do understand their practicality and rationale, and I dare not be so judgmental.

Contrary to what we think, marriage does NOT survivie on love alone. There are considerations like making a living, being responsible, maintaining basic manners and a whole lot of elements which allow a marriage to be successful.

"Slavery isn't that bad, but I'm not talking about forced slavery!"

Yeah you're removing one of the key components of why arranged marriages are generally frowned-upon. It's not up to those getting wed.

Because that's not an arranged marriage. Consent is also arguably impossible since you didn't get to choose your partner, only to accept them as the suitable option(if even given that freedom)

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