Using "National" within a league title if you have teams from Canada is silly. amirite?

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NFL and NBA also indicate the type of sport.

Years ago, the Canadian Football League (CFL) added teams from the USA. Those teams were playing under CFL rules. Therefore, they were rightly designated as CFL teams. Those teams later folded.

Same for the NBA. If your team is designated as an NBA team, that means they play under NBA rules.

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You mean like having a 'World' series?

The English Football League has Welsh teams.

It's far from the only example of non-indicative names.

Just say "North American". It's also going to be be more fun to say. Would you rather say NBA or NABA?

Canada is a nation.

Call it continental

Canada counts as bonus states

It's more of a dick move if you say international and only go to Canada

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Major league baseball also calls their championship the "world" series which is equally dumb.

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The NHL originally only had Canadian teams

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