Actors who can't do comedy are mediocre actors, amirite?

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Comedy is rather different when compared to many other types of acting.

This is like saying that a musician is mediocre if they can't play metal.

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Who cares lol. They will still have more money then I will ever have. They won.

This is just ridiculous. Who made comedy the pinnacle of acting?

Are you saying Natalie Portman is a bad actress?

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Not everyone is funny. I'm kind of half of a double act and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy and value time with a natural straight man.

vcsandfecess avatar vcsandfeces Yeah You Are +3Reply

First of all, just because actors haven't done comedy before doesn't mean they can't.

Second, comedy is definitely not the qualification for a good actor. I haven't seen a Jake Gyllenhaal comedy or a Javier Bardem comedy. That does not mean they are mediocre.

You think Daniel Day Lewis is a mediocre actor?

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