Watching the drivers behind you, while driving forward is moronic. amirite?

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You should check all sides of your car including behind you.

Is that how your walk down the street? Looking at the people behind you?

Well, yeah, I usually glance over my shoulder if I hear someone. It's good to be aware of your surroundings, especially if the sidewalk gets narrow, or if you're crossing a side street.

Walk into walls much??

No, because I know how to check in front of me before I look behind me for half a second to get a picture of all of the big moving objects, and look back to the front.

How can the average person be so stupid now adays?

Uh oh.

I'm confused. You're supposed to be aware of your vehicle entirely including the rear. Are you saying that people are turning their heads and watching people drive behind them? Are they just glued to the rear view? Do you know this because you're a passenger of someone who does this?

Staring? No, that's not good, but neither is staring solely ahead of you. You're supposed to check all your mirrors as you drive, including the rearview and sides as they provide you necessary information. Is someone approaching you from behind at a really fast rate? Do I need to get over a lane? The far left lane is for passing on the highway, yes, but on surface streets it's a travel lane and you may need to move out of someone's way.

Watching the drivers behind you isn't moronic, in fact, it's necessary.

Last year, I was doing a road trip through mountain roads, and thanks to the rear view I was able to see that behind me was a car approaching at a fast speed downhill without breaks. Once it got closer I could obviously hear it -as he was burning the horn-, but if I hadn't seen him before I heard him I wouldn't have had time to get myself out of the way, and therefore I would've been thrown down the cut.

Also, on a lower note, you can see if someone is trying to get pass you, and if you don't have a parking assistant, it is really important to keep an eye on the rear view for not hitting the car behind you while you parallel park or even when you reverse.

So I'm not trying to be annoying, but I just want to assert the importance of the rear view and how it is really important to look at it the same way you check the other views/mirrors. I hope this was useful :))

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Glancing back every few seconds is basic common sense and good driving. You may see someone moving up fast, which is 'input' to your decision to change lanes. Developing and maintaining a mental 'map' of the situation around you is good for your safety.

The people that watch/stare at the drivers behind them

Except the difference here between watching and staring is everything.

You should definitely keep an eye on what's going on behind you, particularly when on the motorway/freeway and in urban areas. I actually hate driving cars/trucks with no central mirror, or when it is obstructed, because I feel like I'm not fully aware of my surroundings.

However I've never heard of anyone actually staring at the mirror to the point of not paying attention to what's in front of them.

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Nobody does that

As a driver you should have awareness about whats around you.
If you drive autobahn a car behind you could close in on you really fast as it may be 100km/h faster then you.
So you gotta check your mirror whenever you change lanes. Also you need to check it frequently when your on the left lane(as your only allowed to pass someone from the left in the autobahn, so you need to be aware of people that want to pass you)

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