There's nothing wrong with checking your phone once or twice during class. amirite?

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It's a tough line to walk. You're expecting your teacher to not onlyto teach but keep track of how often you and every other individual person in your class is using their phone. Is that really reasonable? Or is it just easier to say, no phones in class.

I could see some situations where checking your phone is a necessity, such as a sick child or relative or other such temperamental situations, but for the most part, nothing is that necessary. I check my phone once a day at lunch just to see if the wife is informing me of something. Other than that, I don't use it unless I need to make a call. For the most part, too many people have let themselves become addicted to their phones where they can't make do without it.

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True. why should a professor care. You are the one paying to be there. Anyone who disagrees with this is a nerd. But fortunately this is not that unpopular.

@88080808088 True. why should a professor care. You are the one paying to be there. Anyone who disagrees with this is a nerd...

You're paying for a spot in the class, but if you're not going to respect the class and make use of your time in the class, there are other students waiting who would like a seat in the class. Why should a seat go to you if you're going to be on your phone and not take it seriously?

I disagree. You're in class, pay attention. It's easy to say that it's just for 5-10 seconds, and it's "real quick", but I doubt that's the case most of the time. If you just need 5-10 seconds to check your phone, then it can't be anything important. You check your phone, someone messaged you, you message them back, then they need to check their phone, and the chain goes on. Would be good to learn while in school how to focus and not be distracted every 5 mins.

Lol it's always funny watching people trying to validate their own bs.

No, it's not okay if the rules are that you can't check your phone. It's a simple rule. Half of school is learning discipline.

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OP... Did you get in trouble for checking your phone in class?

In an hour class, you can check your phone hundreds of times for 5 seconds.

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I see this kind of opinion pop up atleast twice a week

No, it isn't right. Your short attention span in your problem, not the problem of the teacher or professor.

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